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“Working with Brovio is always a blast. Ross, Jak and the team at Brovio are like mind readers. I give them a little bit of an insight into my objectives, and they run with it and nail the design every time. I highly recommend.”

Warren Yates, Owner of Future In Lifting

The Platycat Snatcher patented lifting system uses clever design and the universal laws of nature and physics, to produce a non-magnetic, non-electronic, semi-automatic, self-aligning, hands free, easy hook-up/release system to provide a new dimension for and set a new bench mark in workplace health and safety.

The Platycat Snatcher is a highly innovative safe lifting system that self-aligns and attaches to cranes, lifting arms, hiabs, jibs, easy arm cranes, hoists and more.

Client: Future In Lifting

Category: Corporate Identity

Date: November 2017


Vist Company Website

Delivered on time

Brovio published the website online within a maximum time-frame of 4 weeks.


As well as optimisation for Speed, Security and SEO, Brovio also set up Google Analytics for the client to better understand their website traffic.


The areas of the website that required updating were built with ease of use in mind. This ensures that changes, and updates to security, can be done efficiently ensuring a relevant and secure website into the future.

Mobile Device Ready

We performed testing with multiple mobile devices to ensure that the website looks as good on phones and tablets as it does on desktop.