INHOF Restoration

We treat each piece professional with utmost respect whether it’s an important masterpiece or just a simple family heirloom. We restore the item sympathetically, taking into consideration, it’s age, intrinsic, sentimental and historical value. We use traditional methods and materials first whenever possible and keep the item’s integrity. We provide written quote upfront of the cost of the restoration. Each item is photographed before any intervention and during the restoration process. We advise our clients of new findings during restoration and consult of the procedures will vary from the initial quote. Our clients have final say in any step we take to the finished restoration of their item.

Client: INHOF Restoration

Category: Website Development

Date: May 2019


Vist Company Website

Delivered on time

Brovio aim to have websites published online within a maximum time-frame of 4 weeks.


As well as optimisation for Speed, Security and SEO we’ll also set you up with Google Analytics


After we’ve completed your main design, we can provide video training for clients so they can control their websites.

Mobile Device Ready

We perform testing on all websites to ensure that websites look as good on mobile devices as they do on desktop.