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'Simply an outstanding effort from Ross @ Brovio. On time and more than I had hoped for, the final product is great. The best evidence of how happy I am with the work that I can offer is that we have now commissioned Ross to do another site for another part of our business.'

Tim Lyons, The Study Tour Experts

The Study Tour Experts  provide strategic & administrative support to universities running student study tours in international locations. They help these universities design, research and deliver their study programs and provide everything from curriculum development assistance to locating senior business manager presenters to providing 24/7 on the ground support through to the students arriving at their final destination.

Brovio designed,developed and deployed their website in ~4 weeks.

As well as optimising for speed, security and SEO, Brovio also provided numerous tutorials for the team at The Study Tour Experts in order for them to fully take control of the website without the need of additional development from outside their company.

We have also developed an iOS and Android app for use on the actual Study Tours in China.

Client: The Study Tour Experts

Category: Website Development

Date: July 2015


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Brovio aim to have websites published online within a maximum time-frame of 4 weeks.


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After we’ve completed your main design, we can provide video training for clients so they can control their websites.

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